I'm sure everyone is getting bored with this quarantine as I am myself. So how does an artist cure her boredom you ask, she creates art anyway she can.

Skywalker, my cat, is always wanting to play with the lights when I pull them out so I decided to do a shoot with her to cure some quarantine boredom and bring yall some cute content!

I know I have been behind posting lately with the Covid-19 pandemic going on it has limited me to what I can do unfortunately.

I'm still hoping to do Mommy & Me sessions again this year, but it will all depend on when the Stay-In-Place orders are lifted as I am not about to put your family and myself at risk of getting this virus.

As we receive more information on the release I will post dates for Mommy & Me for those who have shown interest. So stay tuned and stay safe yall!

To put things in a more positive note though here are some images from our recent cruise to help you picture yourself on a beautiful beach somewhere!

Hey yall! I am back from vacation that me and my husband took last week and it is time to announce my first mini session of the year.

With Easter coming up I wanted to do something floral but not quite stereotypical Texas Bluebonnet shoot, so I have come up with a Flower Stand! It is absolutely beautiful and perfect for spring photos of your kiddos to share with friends and family to show off their new easter clothing.

Here is just a preview of my first session that took place before we left for our cruise, and I can't wait to work with you all for some beautiful images to come!

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